14/10/00 Brussels - Istanbul

Departure at 7h30 from Brussels to Istanbul via London with British Airways. No problem exept for those who does' nt like the English cooking. No delay. My luggage remained in London, they arrived the following day. British Airways brought it to the hotel in Istanbul.

Istanbul Istanbul

Accomodation : The Orient Youth Hostel: Akbiyik Caddesi 13

Good hotel: The dormitory at 6$ the night. Met of many Australian and New Zealander. The terrace to lunch at a splendid sight on the Bosphorus and the coffee in Bottom (the Orient Bar) is very good (possibility of smoking the narghile and spectacle of belly dance). ½ hour Free Internet for the hotel residents. no hesitation to also go up to the the Sultan tourist Hotel terrace right near.

Mosquée Bleue Saint Sophia

15/10/00 Istanbul

Reservation to go to Göreme.

Best is to reserve in a travel agency in the district, the way to the bus station is included and it is not easy to go there. Attention they will try to sell a package Trajet + Excursions + Hotel. ask the way outward . 14.000.000 Istanbul - Göreme, 10.000.000 Göreme - Istanbul. (the outward travel is more expensive than the return).

Excursion on the Bosphorus.

2 Possibilities:

1) Take the bus to the Black Sea: 1.800.000 LT for 5 hours included 2 hours to visit the castle of Murat IV : splendid sight on the entry of the Black Sea. It is what I advise

2) Take a boat: 5.000.000 LT for 2 hours without going so far.

The boat and the bus are caught in Eminönü

Bosphorus Bosphorus

16/10/00 Istanbul

Excursion Café Pierre Loti (Eyup)

Take the Bus at Eminönü. Attention of the postcards salesman. They want to help you but lighten you quickly. In Eyup, follow the plates " Café Pierre Loti " (¼ hour walking) or to go up the cemetery to arrive there. The physical effort worth the sight towards Istanbul.

Café Pierre Loti Café Pierre Loti