26/10/00 Amman

Way Damas - Amman

Very easy 7h00 and 16h00. Two connection per day. At the bus station people come up to you saying "  Libanon  " or "  Amman  ". You just have to choose. (300 úS). Crossing the Syrian border is not a problem. Excavating at the Jordanienne border. Prefer the bus in place of taxi. People told me to be excavated and the almost dismounted taxi. For my just a little look at my bag. At the arrival in Damas, take a taxi for the center (300 fils) they will request one Dinar.

Housing  : Farah Hotel (Cinema Hussein St.)

Very good hotel. The elevator is a little distressing, but the rooms and the sanitery are clean. The price is higher than others. Quiet, no mosque around. Price for a bed in dormitory (4 Dinars).

Restaurant  : Hashem (King Faysal Street)

Don't hesitate. Taste Fallafel, Fella, Foul and Houmous. Drink the tea which is delicious.

All for 750 fils

27/10/00  : Amman

Housing  : Cliff Hotel (Al-Malek Faisal St)

Very cheap, not very clean. Paying shower. Toilets. Coffee downstrairs. The noise of the street is very present and it's close to the mosque. Rooms for 2 (6 Dinars)

Very sympathetic owner.

Excursion with Jerash

To take the bus at Abdali Station . (350 wire). Entry  : 5 Dinars (no reduction for students)

To avoid take a drink at the cafeteria near the site, price more than too expensive.

Splendid and impressive site.

Restaurant  : Cairo Restaurant (Close to King Hussein Mosque)

Very good restaurant. But the Jordan cooking does'nt offer much choice between the lamb and chicken. Test chicken roasted with rice.

28/10/00  : Amman

Excursion in Amman

Visit citadel  : Free entry exept for the museum which is not so good.

Visit Roman theatre  : Free entry but possibility of visiting two museum which are very good

Purchase  : Jordan River Foundation and Wadi Danna Foundation (Fawzi Al-ma' louf str.)

These foundations try to defend the condition of the woman for the river foundation and the natural reserve of Danna for Wadi Danna Foundations. You can buy some objects to suport them.